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Kel's craft stuff

the crafts with linked words have instructions on a separate page. The numbered links (1, 2, 3) lead to pictures.

There's also a list of things I want to try making someday...

boxes and jars:

  • polymer clay small storage jars using millefiori canes (1)
  • postage stamp boxes (1, 2 - and shown at right)
  • rubberstamp-painted boxes (1, 2, 3)
  • paper boxes (four-sided, five-sided) with built-in lid that opens in the middle (sorry no photo yet!)
  • labeled Altoids or other candy tins (1) are a great size for Crayola crayons or two small pads of post-it notes!

Christmas ornaments:

  • birch bark hearts
  • candy train (1) - low temp hot glue to stick candies together
  • crayon and bear Christmas ornament (1)
  • gold painted pinecone (1) - really easy!
  • fabric Christmas ornaments (1, 2, 3)
  • fabric ornaments painted by kids with commentary on reverse (1, 2)
  • felt heart Christmas ornaments with extended-family names, for grandparents
  • felt tiny stocking ornaments with family names, stuffed with tiny candies/toys
  • painted fabric ornaments
  • pasta angels (at right) ...and a whole nativity set! (1, 2)
  • pipe cleaner candy cane (1) easy enough for kids and not messy!
  • popsicle-stick sled (1, 2)
  • wire Christmas ornaments (1) - just wire twisted to make an angel, star, snowman, or whatever. (My mom had a bunch of extra red wire...)

 dollhouse things

  • 1:12 scale yardstick, (1 and at right) made by scanning at 1/4 scale and printing at 1/3 scale (at 1440 dpi on photo paper) - then covering with clear packing tape and using double-sided tape to stick to a strip of unshrunk shrink-art film. Great for measuring the size of my other dollhouse endeavors!
  • doll-sized CDs (at right), made like the above yardstick
  • doll-sized bread (1, 2) made by cutting 1/4" bread-shapes from a 2-mm sheet of white Foamies, then coloring the edges with tan and yellow permanent markers
  • doll-sized fruit (1, 2) made from polymer clay


  • baby book (1, 2, 3) from scrap fabric - to teach John the proper names for his tools
  • curtain with "glowing" stars (shown at right), reverse-applique ...makes me want to try a "stained-glass" curtain next!
  • denim chair covers (1) - cheap upholstery!
  • denim stacking blocks (1) - made out of leftover quilt pieces
  • denim quilt - very thick and warm!
  • sling for carrying babies
  • swim-sling for carrying him in the lake

food crafts:

  • candied violets / other edible flowers
  • cookie mixes (at right) and quick bread mixes in jars with pretty tags
  • dried apples and herbs
  • seasoning mixes in jars with pretty tags

kid-drawn (or painted) things

  • Christmas ornaments: have them draw on a small circle or other shape (can trace cookie cutter) cut from stiff paper. Decorate edges with marker if it needs "dressing up"; write name and year on back, laminate.
  • Or, paint on fabric and sew into ornament (1, 2)
  • greeting cards, drawn or rubberstamped - either to send to relatives or friends yourself, or as a "boxed set" for grandparents to send to their friends.
  • picture frame - paint on a wood one, or use markers to color on a photo mat and insert in a frame.
  • shoes (1)
  • t-shirts: let kids draw/scribble on a computer t-shirt transfer. Add commentary (may have to write backwards if necessary) and put on sweatshirt for relatives, teachers, etc.
  • tshirts II: if your child is old enough to use Sharpie markers, they can draw right on the shirt (1, and see photo to right)
  • dolls or action figures (1) drawn on foamies, cut out by Mama - in this case "Snoods" by John: one of John's favorite toys when he was four.

paper crafts:


things made from postage stamps:

  • picture frames (1, 2)
  • napkin rings (shown at right)

things made from puzzle pieces:

  • picture frames (1)
  • puzzle-piece barrettes

painted things:

  • clothespins (1) - alligators, sharks, and random designs - with a magnet glued on the back
  • painted fabric Christmas ornaments (1, 2)
  • painted mugs- Daniel's and my first collaborative effort - acid-etched and painted with oven safe paint
  • painted shoes (1, 2 , and shown at right)

other miscellaneous crafts:

  • candles (1) in baby food jars 
  • crayons- single-colored, multi-colored, and recycled
  • wood barrettes(1,2)
  • earrings (1) - made with seed beads, using the famous pony bead designs
  • finger puppets (1, 2) made from polymer clay
  • puzzles (1, 2) made with a scroll saw, from scrap Lauan
  • rubberstamps cut from "Foamies" and glued on Lauan
  • toaster tongs